Advantages of forage membranes

- Dec 25, 2018-

1. Good mechanical properties.

2. Up to 180KLY protection level, stable to prevent the damage caused by sunlight, especially ultraviolet light, to ensure low light transmission and avoid heat accumulation.

3. Consistent quality and thickness, good 25 micron thickness distribution in the film.

4. Good tensile properties (even in warm weather and cold winters)

5. There are no holes when stretched.

6. Maintain a good bonding seal between the film layers.

7. Powerful puncture resistance, very good impact resistance.

8. Even in the wild open storage, can still maintain mechanical properties for more than one year.

9. Good sealing, blocking oxygen, air and moisture penetration.

10. High load retention (for packaging integrity) 11. Ensure that customers benefit from high quality film standards.

These include dimensional properties such as UV resistance, anti-perforation, adhesion and stretching (55-70%), and even thickness.

12. The specified properties ensure that the film performs well during the packaging process, protecting and saving feed.

13. Dedicated to forage package packaging efficiency and long-term can save valuable time. 14. Silage Forage Film It provides a grass pack in all three dimensions of the tightness-which means that the "forage bag" has a more consistent strength and stiffness. This allows the stacking of forage packets to be much higher because the forage packs better maintain their shape.