Principle of Forage film

- Dec 25, 2018-

Forage film used in forage silage green storage forage can improve feeding quality and reduce feed loss due to spoilage and waste. The use of plastic film winding is the best way to form and store forage silage to improve the production and preservation of feed in the short area of forage growth season. Forage membranes were first used in Europe and Canada during the short growing season, and currently 20% forage silage in European countries has reached 40% in Sweden, and in Europe and North America, forage winding membranes grow at an annual rate of 15%. Advantages of Forage film Forage film can do 1, controlled anaerobic fermentation to produce high nutrition feed 2, high concentration easy to digest 3, animal weight gain 4, high yield milk volume, higher fat content 5, reduce loss due to spoilage and nutrient loss 6, long storage life – reduce ph value increase stable growth 7, in the short growing season Area is particularly important 8, reduce the climate risk during the harvest 9, forage bundles easy to carry 10, feed can be shipped to the place of need 11, feed can be sold 12, low cost – no need to invest in storage cartridges and storage rooms 13, no liquid seepage to underground forage silage process forage Winding film provides the best conditions for silage, the feed is locked in the most Excellent humidity conditions to ensure gas-tight fermentation conditions. Fermentation under anaerobic conditions must be carried out in a confined environment. Lactobacillus in the feed ferments carbohydrates (vegetable sugars), producing lactic acid and other acids. The ph value decreases, the fermentation stops after 2-4 weeks, and the low ph prevents further production of the bacteria, the target ph value: < 5. Carbohydrates affect fermentation, grass and corn are most easily fermented, and alfalfa takes longer. The resulting silage forage is stable and nutritious feed. Winding membrane forage silage winding film forage silage, humidity is very important. Feed humidity should be maintained 40-60%, such as more than 75% will not ferment, less than 60% will lead to slow fermentation, sour butyric acid production. Grass bundles frozen, bundles at the bottom of the liquid accumulation, 50% is the best humidity conditions, less than 40% will lead to very low fermentation, will mold.It is difficult to form tight and airtight forage bundles, humidity can be determined by the heat loss after heating the microwave oven, but also by the experience of the naked eye observation and judgment.