The role of straw

- Dec 25, 2018-

Straw returning to the field to affect the growth of crops, straw incineration pollution of the atmosphere environment, comprehensive development and utilization is facing the predicament of immature technology, large investment, poor effect. Now it is farmers who are eager to burn, and the government is eager to block it, and the two have fought guerrilla warfare. In fact, the prospect of comprehensive straw development is very good. In fact, in developed countries, through scientific and technological progress and innovation, for the comprehensive development and utilization of crop straw found a variety of uses, in addition to the traditional straw crushing and field as organic fertilizer, but also out of straw feed, straw vaporization, straw power generation, straw ethanol, straw building materials and other new ways, greatly improve the use of straw value and utilization rate,is worthy of our reference.