PE Shrinkage Film

- Dec 25, 2018-

PE polyethylene, which is transparent thermoplastic.

PE commonly used in three categories, namely: LDPE HDPE LLDPE Three kinds of polyethylene monomer is the same, but in the synthesis of these polyethylene, the process conditions used are not the same, therefore, only the generation of three different polyethylene varieties, three kinds of materials have a greater difference in performance. PE film is a good toughness of the material, not easy to use ordinary plastic shredder crushing. Because the PE film is soft and tough, it is not easy to chop, not to mention the high speed of the tool temperature, will make LDPE melt adhesion to the blade. PE granulation, can be directly into a strip into the extruder feeding port, by the shear force of the screw to drag the PE film into the barrel heating melt extrusion granulation. PE recycled primary materials, still can blow film, used in non-food and pharmaceutical packaging, but also widely used in the production of Oxford leather and waterproof cloth, the future is bright.