Straw Binding Net Is Mainly Used For Binding Straw And Forage Grass.

- Sep 28, 2020-

Straw binding net is mainly used for binding straw and forage grass. At present, it is mainly suitable for farms in developed countries, and will also be widely used in domestic farms, paddy fields and grasslands in China in the future. The quality of the product is strictly controlled. The tensile strength of each single wire reaches 60N, and the strength of the whole net is ≥ 2500n / m.

Application range:

It is suitable for the harvesting and storage of straw and grass in large farms and grasslands, and can also play a winding role in industrial packaging.


1. Save bundling time: it only takes 2-3 turns to pack and reduce equipment friction.

2. Strengthening wind resistance, better than traditional hemp rope, can reduce the rotten degree of hay by about 50%.

3. The flat surface saves the time of unfolding the net and is convenient to take and unload