What Are The Requirements For The Bale Net For Export

- Sep 28, 2020-

The requirements of baler net for export are very high. Because the specifications and quality of baler nets exported by European and American countries are more standardized, few domestic enterprises can meet the quality requirements of European and American baler nets. Why are the baler nets produced by our enterprises trusted by international customers mainly include the following points: Ruian Jiarun New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has 16 years of experience in the production of bale nets We are a Chinese manufacturer with patent and intellectual property rights of baler net.

The main raw material of baler net for export: 100% high purity, high density polyethylene + UV resistant particles

UV anti violet protection of export bale net: it can resist outdoor ultraviolet radiation for 12 months

Exit baler cordon: a 4-inch wide red cordon at 450 feet (120 meters) per roll

Environmental protection of export bale net: zero environmental pollution, recyclable

As our products reach the quality of European and American countries, more and more bales are exported